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We deliver what we promise. With our “no limits” approach, our solutions perform at their pinnacle, letting us reach dream-like accuracy rates. Then the only thing left is to witness the happiness of our customers.
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Les Benjamins

Les Benjamins is an Istanbul-based platform - encompassing a retail-space and lifestyle brand for men and women - founded in 2011 by Bünyamin Aydin. The brand represents a vision of the contemporary East. We have integrated our solutions to 4 of Les Benjamin’s collections: Essentials 3.0, Essentials 4.0, Essentials 5.0 and Core Collection. What we saw is our solutions performed exceptionally well as expected, even surpassing our own accuracy goals by achieving 94% accuracy in just 3 months. Thanks to our AI based technology our product consistently optimizes itself, therefore pushing the boundaries of accuracy.

39Kunique users
75%starting accuracy
95%current accuracy

YARGICI offers an up-scale style for modern city women; whose life is filled up with work, events and the hustle of the city. The core design principle of YARGICI is to put simplicity and comfort at the heart of product design. We are working with this impressive brand across all of their products regarding the upper body, lower body and outwear categories.

39Kunique users
85%starting accuracy
98%current accuracy
Jimmy Key

JIMMY KEY blends the chic Aegean style with undeniable comfort. The brand is mostly known for its unique color palette and utilization of %100 natural fabrics; that’s why it is considered as one of the leading fashion brands when it comes to sustainability.
Since our solutions eliminate product returns and decrease the carbon footprint of the brands significantly, we have a shared passion with JIMMY KEY: Our planet.

39Kunique users
75%starting accuracy
90%current accuracy

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