Bedirhan Taşcı

Şu an bir müzik şirketinde mesleğine devam etmekle birlikte freelance işleri de devam etmekte.

Seda Desovalı

In 2019, she has continued as the Style Editor and continued to do editorial writing and shooting. She continues to shoot in collaboration with brands and magazines in his career, which she has been continuing as a freelance since 2020.

Kevser Üstün Topsakal

Since 2010, she has been working in the field of design, following styling experiments in various magazines and advertisements in the fashion sector. She has been developing designs for the Penti brand since 2016.

Gül Deniz Eroğlu

In 2017, she studied fashion design in Italy with Erasmus+ program. She graduated from Maltepe University with a degree in fashion design. After graduation, she started working as a freelance styling assistant and after a while started her own brand Rosamare.

Seda Özkaynak

She is currently styling the collection shots of the BonaBag-BonaPet brand and at Mudo she is working as a designer in a ready-made clothing brand.

İpek Altun

In 2020, she received styling education at IMA. She started her career as a styling assistant at Boreal Brandlifting. At the moment, she is both working as a styling assistant and a freelancer in magazines and commercials.

Melisa Cömert

She has been working as a freelance fashion editor since 2019. L'Officiel Hommes, ALEM and Magnet Quartley are the publications she continues to work on for editorial shoots. She continues to work with many brands and celebrities.

Büşra Işık

She received Styling training from Kariyer Eğitim in Istanbul. Starting with the styling of the Zalim Istanbul TV Show, which lasted for 2 seasons, she headed towards the sector. She continues her style consultancy within the scope of incoming projects.

Atahan Küçükatalay

After starting to work as a fashion editor at L'officiel Hommes in 2018, he joined the Marie Claire Turkey team in 2019. He worked with names such as Acun Ilıcalı and Yasemin Özilhan. He still does editorial shoots for Marie Claire Turkey.

Tuğçe Özdeniz

She attended to Fashion Styling education at VAKKO ESMOD academy in 2019. She worked as a stylist assistant with multiple stylists in 2020.

Gönül Soyçeri

She started working as an assistant modelist in the design department of Adil Işık in 2019. She contributes to the styling team as a Freelance styling assistant for Hello magazine and Women's Shine Mag magazines.

Ekin Su Oktar

She took styling education at Vakko Esmod and started working as an assistant with Nazlı Kayran. She continues to work as Nazlı Kayran's assistant in magazine and advertising works, and also continues to work freelance too.

Sıla Aydın

She started the magazine industry with her internship at Marie Claire in 2018. She joined the team of Vogue Turkey as an Assistant to the Fashion Director in 2020. She also does editorial shoots for Vogue Turkey.